Greeting of the Bavarian State Minister

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One of the central topics of our transport policy is the continuously increasing traffi c on our roads. Experts anticipate a further signifi cant increase of goods traffi c. Until 2030 the haul capacity in Bavaria is supposed to grow by about 40%. Still, roads are to remain the dominant mode of transport.

In order to cope with future traffi c the state government continues to focus on the shifting of transports to environmentally friendlier carriers, especially to rail. This has not been used to its full potential yet.
For that purpose the effi ciency of railroads has to be signifi cantly improved. Currently we make over 2 million € available for that purpose every year.

A nationwide network of cargo transport centres is decisive for a continuing shift. Compared to Germany as a whole, Bavaria has one of the most effi cient networks in the area of transhipment stations and cargo transport centres in approximately 20 sites. In order to knot the net even more tightly we regularly support municipalities and associations of municipal corporations with preparatory measures for the installation of transhipment stations and cargo transport centres respectively so that they can apply for the appropriate federal funding.

In addition we also promote individual measures in goods transport, innovative logistics projects and new transport technologies, like measures for railway siding optimisation and single car pooling. After the project NIKRASA, where with a simple reloading point non-craneable semitrailers are made craneable, we now support the project FUTURE TRAILER. Semitrailers will be optimized for an easy transshipment between road and rail. Especially with semitrailers there is a considerable shifting potential. Both of These projects create the basis for a big next step.

On account of the problems of cross-border heavy goods vehicle transport over the Alps the Supreme Building Authority of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Transport has become committed as Lead Partner in the European funding project “Alpine Innovation for Combined Transport” (AlpInnoCT) for further transport relocation in this sensitive area.

This project is the focus of the 10th Symposium Logistik Innovativ. The aim for the 15 project Partners from the entire alpine region is to further improve Combined Transport. The LKZ Prien has worked out an innovative event concept and has invited an impressive circle of international experts.

I would like to congratulate LKZ Prien on their 20th anniversary and look forward to further joint projects.

Joachim Herrmann
Bavarian State Minister of the Interior, for Building and Transport
Member of the Bavarian State Parliament